Our Founders

Anil Poddar

Anil Poddar has been in the financial services industry for over 3 decades. He possesses a great deal of expertise in managing investments, developed over the years through a single-minded passion for financial services. Recognized by the media in his own right, Anil’s comments, interviews and articles have frequently appeared in Publications like Business Today, Economic Times, Dalal Street Journal, Dateline Business etc. He has an uncanny feel of the financial and stock markets, and this is crucial in guiding strategic investment calls we make at PFS.

Mayank Poddar

With a degree in Economics and Finance from the Singapore Management University, Mayank is in charge of research at PFS. Possessing a keen interest in financial markets, he draws on his educational background, research findings and specific client requirements to devise ideal client portfolios. He is in charge of driving fund recommendations for PFS, as well as overseeing the Insurance arm.


Culture and Approach

At PFS, the primary focus is on providing unprecedented levels of service to the client. We appreciate the importance of planning well and creating wealth for our clients. Our recommendations are in-line with the philosophy of creating long-term wealth, rather than taking decisions that make the process of investing exciting. We firmly believe that wealth creation requires time and patience. We believe the most effective investments are boring, because you have to sit on them patiently to see unprecedented returns.

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